only reasonable offers will be considered


Tusa Imprex fins  extra large

$75.00 obo


Us DIver Calypso IV regulator   set for hooka diving   $100.00 obo

Sherwood hk Hooka rig with nylon harness     $75.00  obo


Dive destination books $2.00 ea



bonica Multi snapper 35mm film Bamera new in case   $80.00 obo


6ft tether with velcro sraps$3.00

Apollo bio fin split large  $150.00 obo

weight belt from Sea Horse Honolulu  $3.00

sport diver weight belt $8.00

lead $1.50/ lb   casting mold $20.00

weights $2.50/ lb

tilos 3.2mm titanium XL suit  
$75.00  obo

Atlan XL frarmer john 7mm wet suit
$95.00  obo





Sea Quest dive bag 3 compartment w/ rollers

excel gloves 3.2 titanium L $30.00
Hood Large  $35.00

Deep sea dive boots size 12  $40.00

Padi dive bag 9 compartment $5.00

tusa pnageo mask with case  $40.00


us divers Hawaii 3 mask $30.00

eyeglass case water proof $5.00

ocean master equalizer purge mask
w/ Q-strap  $100.00  obo

ocean master out of case

scuba max professional w/ backflow $50.00

Us Divers imulse 2 snorkel $ 25.00

stealth light 4AA flashlight  $35.00

pelican flasher 2AAA  $15.00

cetacea message board  $5.00

speedo anti fog drops$3.00

generic dive knife needs straps $8.00

tusa Xpert dive knife needs straps  $30.00

dive pouches  10"x12" $10.00 ea

strapes mouthpieces o rings etc $12.00

cetecea high force equip tetherw/ disconnect




























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